Danic Ltd. endeavours to supply the highest quality
and price-for-performance products currently
available to compliment our vendors UNIX® and
NT® solutions.

SGI is the world's leader in high-performance computing
technology, dedicated to unleashing the power of human
creativity. The company's systems, ranging from desktop
workstations and servers to the most powerful
supercomputers in the world, deliver advanced computing
and 3D visualisation capabilities to scientific, engineering,
and creative professionals and large enterprises. SGI
provides solutions in several key industries, including
manufacturing, government, entertainment,
communications, energy, the sciences, and education.

The flexibility and profitability of your computer system can
be vastly improved with additional storage space. However
not every disk drive is compatible with your system.
Similarly, you may now wish to add a RAID or Jbod to your
system, extra-memory or a back-up tape drive.

Danic Ltd. can supply and integrate equipment from leading